We rescue mini, standard and giant schnauzers who need homes.
This loving page is dedicated to our four-legged companions who have passed on.
Please send us your photo and a few sentences and we will be happy to add the love of your life.

Dusty was a kind, loving dog who only wanted to be part of the pack. He enriched our lives and brought us a lot of happiness.
Jack was a special guy. He went over the rainbow bridge on Sept 15th, 2017.
He passed in my arms
on July 9th, 2016.

Willie Keepes
Willie Keepes
My Little Boy & Forever Friend
May 20, 1993 - December 18, 2001
My beloved Willie, you left my life much too soon. The measure of your life is not in years but in how much you changed my life forever. Your life was a precious gift and I've learned well the lessons you taught. Though you are gone from my side, I carry you in my heart. You will always be my boy.

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She went over the rainbow bridge,
July 2016.

Molly Spreadbury
August 1991 - January 2005
Adopted January 1996
For us it was love at first sight as she bounded across the room delighted that someone was finally taking notice of her. We loved her for 9 years she gave us so much joy and those wonderful memories will always be in our hearts. Goodbye Molly...for now!
Died in peace, November 17, 2005
We at MSR were proud to have been able to give Raleigh our best effort and three wonderful weeks, happy to be a playful puppy [ Raleigh's Story ]. Raleigh broke our hearts but we would still make the same decisions about his care and any of the other dogs entrusted to us. Farewell Raleigh; you will stay in our hearts forever.
Meeka Goodwin
1988 - 2003
Meeka was the tiniest little dog about 11-13 pounds, never fat and always happy. She was the very smartest dog I have ever had and endeared herself to everyone. Read Meeka's story.

Blitz Warren
February 16, 1991 - July 6, 2006
This is a small memorial of my Best Friend of my life. I was blessed to be able to share 15 & a half years by his side. His name was Blitz (Blitzkrieg von Warren I). He was born February 16, 1991 & passed on July 6, 2006.

God blessed my life with so much love & affection as I received from my buddy. He soaked up the weight of my tears & was there to help me thru my trials, tribulations & losses.

Blitz my love, I miss you every day & thru the grace of God I pray we will be re-united for eternity.

Daddy & Woofy miss you with all our hearts. God Bless You !!!
Wally Aubin
June 24, 1995 - January 22, 2007
Adopted January 19, 2004
Wally, you were the light of our lives. You waited for us everyday at grandpa and grandma's and would light up the room when we came in. [his story]

He had many tricks, his favorite being 'Sad Wally', where he would put his paw over his face. He even taught our Tuffy, 17 year old Sheltie cross this same trick.

Wally was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer in August, 2006. He put up a very valiant fight, which he lost on January 22, 2007. We tried to keep him as comfortable as we could for as long as we could, but the pain became too much for all of us.

Wally, we'll see you again at the Rainbow Bridge. Take care my little friend.
June 1, 2003 - May 28, 2018
      We Remember Carys:
  • Her joyful noise barking at intruders to our space.
  • A loving soul who greeted friends and family with a big "Woo-o Whoo-o".
  • Seeing her in the front window watching to welcome us home.
  • A faithful companion who loved to travel to see and smell the world.
  • An adventurous hiker, always ready to go and explore.
  • A lover, always willing to snuggle up on the couch.
  • Reminding us when it was time for her food or medicine.
  • Waiting patiently to get her teeth brushed before bed time.
  • Loving us unconditionally.
  • God speed dear Carys, our beautiful silver Schnauzer.
      Read Carys' story.
      Nancy & BK Blackketter

Sassy Frass
Sassy Frass
December 2001 - March 2007
Adopted July 2006
Sassy Frass was so lovable she was the best dog for my family. Know we miss her. She was so dear to us. How can we forget about her!? She got run over by a vehicle , and I was the one to find her! I screamed and cried and my body tells me to forget about her, but I can't. She was the best dog I ever have and I will always have! I LOVE YOU SASSY!!! Sorry I didn't have a picture. By your lover, Emily E. Long, age 10
Maggie Ellison
February 1990 - December 2005
Adopted September 2003
Maggie was the love of Karin's life. She was very human, an independent spirit, who loved walks and loved people. Three families in the neighborhood got dogs, they so enjoyed Maggie and her visits. May she rest in peace with our mother.
Left this earth on November 20, 2007
13 years old
Cuddles was only with us for three days. We tried to make her as comfortable as possible. Read Cuddle's story. May she rest in peace.

Nov 1, 2000 - March 19, 2007
6 and a half years old
His name was Bailey, he was my little buddy for 4 1/2 years. I think God put him into my life to teach me patience, which he did a very good job of. I miss him so much and someday he'll cross the rainbow bridge to meet me.
Read Bailey's Story.
April 24, 1995, - July 22, 2007
Lilly was the absolute sweetest little girl ever.
We love her with all of our heart and can't wait to meet her at the Rainbow Bridge. Read Lilly's Story.
1992 - June 21, 2008
Adopted December 26, 2001
How fortunate we were to share the last 6 1/2 years of this precious dog's life. He was our protector and companion and we are forever changed because of his love. Goodbye, sweet buddy man. We love you.

Captain "Jack" Schnauzer
June 1998 - December 9, 2008
Adopted February 2006
(read Captain Jack's Story)
Jack, you will always be our best little boy. We still listen for you when the doorbell rings and miss your excited face when we come home. You brought us so joy, laughter and happiness. We loved being part of the "pack" - we'll continue to take long walks, chase squirrels and eat yummy food for you! You are still our little blessing and you will always live on in our hearts and through our great memories! We love you buddy!
Read Curly's Story.
Adopted December 2002
In heaven July 2009
(read Sami's Story)
"The Precious Little Girl" who was blessed by the people in her life after years of neglect.

Feb 1999 - Sept 24, 2009
Adopted April 8, 2006
(read Luca's Story)
He will forever remain in my heart.
1995 - fall 2009
Adopted 1997
(read Pepper's Story)
She was the heart of my heart.
"My Boy Schultz"
Adopted April 2007
In heaven February 2010
(read Schultz's memorial)
He will forever and always be "My Boy Schultz"

January 10, 2007 - September 17, 2010
(read Odie's Eulogy)
"We have our wonderful memories
Playful companion so true
Lots of laughter and love
You shared with us and we with you."

Adopted June 2006
Doggy Heaven April 2011
(read Shadow's Memorial & Story)
"We will never forget you."
Adopted October 2010
Doggy Heaven April 2012
(read Maggie's Memorial)
"We will miss you!"
Adopted in 2008
Doggy Heaven May 2013
Read Bailey's and Shadow's Story.

Waggin' Tails

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