About Giant Schnauzers

We rescue standard and giant schnauzers who need homes.
Giant Schnauzer Rescue The Giant Schnauzer's origin is believed to be in southern Germany, or more specifically southern Bavarian. The Giant is the largest of the three Schnauzer breeds. The Giant has a respected history as an effective cattle & sheep drover & protector. When driving herds ceased in Bavaria, the Giants were used as guard dogs by shopkeepers, butchers & brewers. Their intelligence, hardiness & courage gave them the honor of being one of the principal breeds in police & guard work.

The average male Giant Schnauzer weighs about 100 pounds, while the average female weighs about 85 pounds. They are usually black, and some are Pepper & Salt. Their ears & tails are no longer cropped in Europe. Their coat needs regular grooming to maintain a handsome appearance.

Proper socialization for a young Giant is very important, as is regular exercise. Positive, consistent training will promote a well-balance, manageble dog. These intelligent dogs are from the Working Breed of Dogs, meaning they need to have a job like pulling a cart, Therapy work, guarding, Agility Training, Sheep Herding, etc. The owner must be a strong "alpha", able to control their Giant when a time might arise.

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Giant Schnauzer, Sasha